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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

This was the BEST Christmas ever for me.  I  celebrated it with my both my wonderful sons, husband and 96 year old father in law.  We had missed Kevan being with us for several years while he was in Hawaii.  Shortly before Christmas we had a wonderful restful week in Hawaii.   I move into 2015 with renewed health and energy.   In February, I will be traveling to San Diego to meet Connie and Gigi who has retired and is now living down there.  I am looking forward to a girls weekend and some great Mexican food!


Thanksgiving 2014

My Dear Family and Friends,

Chris Turkey Day with Grandpa BudOn this Thanksgiving Day I have so very much to be thankful for.  First, I would like to thank my wonderful, noble son who unselfishly donated half of his liver to sustain my life.  At the risk of his own life he valiantly prepared himself physically and mentally for the challenge of being my donor.  He is my hero! I will be eternally grateful for his sacrifice and gift of love.

Mom_BirthdayI am thankful for my husband who doggedly suffered and persevered with me through the grueling process from diagnosis to recovery my deepest appreciation and love.  I know there were moments when he was overwhelmed, terrified and exhausted.

Kevan, Heidi & ChrisI am thankful to my son Kevan for returning home from Hawaii to help support and care for me.  I’m sure the fear of losing half his family was terrifying.  I have so appreciated his being here and comforting me in his own quiet way!

I am thankful to my sister and her family who worried so much about Christopher and me.  Many tears were shed by both Anamarie and me talking on the phone.  The sister-to-sister bond is unbreakable, though at times it was emotionally difficult to talk with her.  Her love sustained me, helped me, and gave me strength.

Thelma & Louise_2I am thankful to Connie (Thelma) who held my (Louise) hand when I went into surgery and was there when I woke up in recovery.  

I am thankful to Judy in St. Paul for our long conversations and laughs as we commiserated over out afflictions. Such good therapy!

Jane & HeidiI am thankful to Jane who continually checked in on me organized with my Pixar buds to visit me in the hospital, coordinated food to be delivered to my home for the family and drove me to the emergency room when my back was so very painful and Steve was not available.

I am thankful to Wendy for taking care of Christopher while he was in the hospital and recovering. Since I was unable to comfort and care for him she did a amazing job advocating for him at the hospital and supporting him during his recovery.

I am thankful to all the Bingo girls who sent flowers, cards, prayers, called and visited with me.

I am thankful to all my dear friends for their outpouring of thoughts, prayers and deep concern for Christopher and my wellbeing.  I am so very grateful to you all.

I am thankful for the amazing doctors, nurses and the entire transplant team at UCSF for their skill, dedication and care.  Dr. Robert’s and Dr. Ascher you are geniuses!  They do God’s work on earth!

Now five months after the transplant and a new lease on life, I am thankful to be alive.

With love and deep gratitude,

Heidi Turkey Day 2014