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First Hurdle: Snoozes from Parm

Remember the pictures from when Parm checked into the hospital on Day 1?  Grey and dreary.  Today, the view from his room was amazing while we waited for Parm to be rolled back from surgery.  Amazing.  Parm did something amazing today.


Words can’t really describe what it felt like to see Parm finally rolled back into his room from the PAC-Unit (Post-Acute Care Unit).  This happened around 3:00 p.m. today.   Eyes open, laying back on a gurney.  He immediately started was moving his hands and lifting his hospital top to show us his “gnarly scar.”  The next few words were, “How’s Mom doing?”  At that time, Heidi was still in surgery.  We then quickly stepped aside to make way for nurses as they moved Parm from the gurney onto his hospital bed.  They shut the door–you know, just in case they were to drop him…

Steve, Kevan, Connie, and I were so relieved to finally see him.  It was an even better treat to see him awake.  Once we were in the room with him, he looked at me and asked, “Have you been updating my blog?”  Oh, Parm.



So, how is he feeling?  Parm’s feeling great, all the drugs (pardon my humor).  Parm is feeling very tired.  He is a bit groggy.  Every so often, he wakes up to talk to you, but drifts back to sleep during conversation.  He has been telling the nurses that he feels some pain.  About a 3 on a scale of 1-10…  Last time the nurse checked, Parm could feel the touch of the nurse’s hands on his feet and calves.  No food until tomorrow.  I’m happy that I hear a gentle snoring.  Did I tell you about the “gnarly scar;” he is still trying to lift his shirt to show me…

Now, that Parm’s out, part of the entourage moved on to the ICU (intensive care unit) waiting room for Heidi.  Below is a good picture of the eager, smiling from good news.


Shortly after situating Parm, Dr. Roberts (Heidi’s doctor), came and found us.  He told us, Heidi’s surgery went well.  She is done and will be moved to the ICU with time.  Doctor said Heidi received a good sized new liver!  Even better news–her body seemed to be working and functioning with the new liver.  They also did some clamping on the spleen to decrease her blood pressure and patched up the hemorrhaging from before.  Although Heidi would not be waking up today, she was taken to the ICU and we were allowed to see her.  The doctor hopes for her to be discharged in two weeks.

The report from Steve, Kevan, and Connie is that Heidi is looking good in the ICU and doing well.  Nurses are impressed how well Heidi is doing.  They didn’t expect to be able to take out her breathing and feeding tubes from her mouth/throat so quickly.  By the time Kevan, Steve, and Connie got there, Heidi was breathing on her own.  They heard machines whirling way, indicating her arteries were pumping blood through the new liver.  Modern medical miracles.  Steve said they told her Parm was doing alright, and Heidi nodded.  Although not awake, Heidi is clearly lucid and present.  So happy!

Dr. Asher just walked in too.  She said the surgery went fine and took a look at Parm’s scar.  “Looks good!” she says.  Can’t argue with that woman.  She is one amazing warrior woman of a doctor.  Looks good doing it too!  And if you know me, I am all about the strong women who get business done while looking sharp.   She also asked Parm, “do you remember fainting when we had to give you the epideral?”

At this moment, the gang has returned home.  As for me, there will be another session with the chair tonight.  Parm’s doing well, and he is being checked on every hour by nurses.  Thanks again, everyone for all the support and love.  I am reading Parm all the comments and loving words being expressed.



Parm’s Successful Gauntlet Run


About 4 a.m. this morning, Parm and I were woken up by the nurse coming in to take his vitals.  Parm from his fancy, self-adjusting hospital bed and me from my…chair.  The nurse  gave us word that everyone would be ready to move him around 6:15 a.m..  We really didn’t fall back asleep after.  Today was the day–surgery day.

Right at 6:15 a.m., they came back in and said the gurney was outside.  I walked with Parm down to the Pre-Operation room.  His mom soon followed.  Kevan and Parm’s dad came in shortly, followed by family friend Connie.  Parm was probably officially rolled into surgery around 8 a.m..   They told us to expect him around noon – 2:00 p.m..  The entourage (Steve, Kevan, Connie and I), went up to Parm’s room to start waiting.  We waited.  Then we waited some more.

8 hours later…we were still waiting.  Personally, I started panicking when we still didn’t hear anything at 2:00 p.m.  Finally…

Dr. Ascher came into Parm’s room with news.  All she said was 1) Parm’s surgery has been completed, 2) he did okay, 3) he will be in recovery for a few hours before they bring him back to his hospital room.  She’s a lady of few words.  Steve, Parm’s dad, said it correctly, “to me, she is an angel.”  I fully agree.

Thank you everyone for the prayers and the love.  I’ll continue to update for Parm until he is up and about.