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Rocks on the road to Recovery

I am going to start this post with a quote from someone I very much admire:  Éric Abidal, A professional football (soccer) player who himself had to undergo a full liver transplant.


The good news is that Heidi and her new liver are still in great condition.  The unfortunate news is that she has been suffering a bit more than usual recently.  Her pain is increasing, because the doctors are tapering down her steroids, which is normal at this stage after a transplant.  This unfortunately causes pain around the incision, which makes her recovery a bit more tricky.  As a direct result of the increased pain, she is having more difficulty sleeping, which makes the recovery difficult.

Heidi has also been suffering from intense muscle spasms in her mid-back, which have kept her prone for the last couple of days.  She is already in contact with her Nurse coordinator who recommended that she get into Kaiser urgent care for treatment.  Steve was able to get her to Urgent care and they prescribed a muscle relaxer to help stop the spasms.  After waiting in the pharmacy for about 15-20 minutes, the pharmacist called Heidi’s name, only to tell us that the script was flagged because the muscle relaxer would conflict with another drug that Heidi had already taken as part of her normal regiment.

So my parents left urgent care empty handed and waited for a call from the pharmacist/doctor.  Luckily a few hours later, Kaiser called and they were able to give the okay for the prescription.  We are now waiting to see if the medication stops the spasms.  Heidi would very much like a comfortable, good, night’s sleep.

Keep sending good vibes, Heidi needs all the help she gets.  Let us all hope she gets a good night’s rest tonight.