Thanks Yous

This is my first post since before the surgery.  I have some very big thank yous to give out.

Most importantly, to Wendy for being at my side at nearly every hour.  When she was not at my side, she was usually visiting my mother, clipping her nails, gossiping, or generally keeping her spirits up.  You are my biggest hero right now.

Also Thank Yous to Steve, Kevan, and Connie for subbing in and giving Wendy a much deserved break. Thank you to Ryan, Brian, Mark, and Mio for stopping by to check in on me.

And also equally important, a huge Thank you to the surgeons, doctors, nurses, assistants, staff, even the janitors at UCSF for helping make my mother’s and my Surgeries successful.

Thank you to all of you out there wishing us better, praying, sacrificing large and small animals… It seems to have been working, so keep it up.

I am still on my journey, and today they have been transitioning me off my epidural, which means pain, and lots of it.  Please keep sending the healing juju in the  general direction of UCSF, and I am sure some of it will make my transition much better.


3 thoughts on “Thanks Yous

  1. It was great to hear that you are up and doing laps around the hallways!! I have to admit the pictures of you with your Mom made me and my Mom both choke up . What an incredible gift and what a fantastic reunion!

  2. Way to go! Wishing both of you a speedy recovery. You’re in our thoughts. Our best to Steve and Kevin, too.

  3. So happy that slab of bacon and keg of beer we sacrificed has been working out so far! Love to all of you! Rest up homie, we have some deep pit to get down on this summer.

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