More News from the UCSF Liver Resort

Heidi and Parm had more victories today.  Heidi stood up and walked for the first time today!  Fantastic!  I believe she has done about 2 laps.  Heidi has also been moved off of a clear liquid diet and onto an all liquids diet.  I have never been more excited to see a berry shake on her food tray!  Parm, on the other hand, is now up to 13 laps on the hospital floor.  He did have another bad day with pain though…  The doctors started weaning him off of the epidural meds, so he is now really starting to feel the effects of the surgery.  They are hoping to take him completely off of it sometime tonight.  As hard as it has been for him today, he has been quite the trooper.  He’s set on getting home ASAP.

Here are some pictures from the resort:


Heidi doing laps

Parm and Heidi Heidi and Greg 6-29-14 Replacement Gallbladders

3 thoughts on “More News from the UCSF Liver Resort

  1. Truely remarkable pictures. It means so much for you to share the great progress happening at the resort. Heidi, we love the red scarf. Reminds me of the Red Baron!

  2. Heidi, only you could look so good after surgery! You play right into the resort image, though the cocktails do seem to be going in through tubes instead of crystal glasses. Seriously though, I can’t wait to see you in person. I told Steve we would keep tabs on your progress and hopefully be able to visit next week. Till then, take care and give that handsome son a hug for me – both of them. Love, Kathy

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