Discharged 1 of 2

It is a glorious day.  I have left UCSF medical care, and am under the care and supervisory of my father at home.  It was a rough weekend, and I will be sure to post more details of the ordeal after a good night’s rest at home.

Heidi is doing extremely well also, and should be discharged as early as tomorrow.  Thanks again for everyone’s prayers, positive energy, and well wishes.  It has most certainly helped with the recovery process.



12 thoughts on “Discharged 1 of 2

  1. Fantastic news Chris! Can’t believe Heidi might be headed home too. You are both amazing and will continue to be in my thoughts and prayers each day.

  2. Congrats…Congrats!!! So excited for you and hope Heidi will follow in your footsteps soon. Nothing feels better than to get back home. Best medicine ever!

  3. Hip hip hurray!!!! By tomorrow evening all the Parms will be back under one roof, healing, healthy and happy! What a difficult week to start but what a great finish…


  4. Wonderful news! All your careful temporary life changes have transferred to a successful, speedy and healthy recovery. Continue to follow doctor orders and “take it easy.”

  5. This is great news!! Thanks for keeping this blog up to date — I’ve been following along. I’ll look forward to seeing you next time I’m out there!

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