Surgery Photos have been Posted

08_Parms_Left_Lobe_2That’s a healthy Liver!

Good news from the Parmelee Household.  We are all home, resting, doing well to recover as quickly as possible.    Heidi and Chris had their first round of blood tests done at Kaiser in preparation for our first post-surgery visit to UCSF on Tuesday morning.  Heidi, Chris, and Kevan all took a walk around the neighborhood this afternoon, and spent some time chatting with visitors.

If you feel inclined to view the photos from the surgery,   I have posted photos from both my liver donation, and my mother’s receipt of the donor liver on the following pages.  Please take a look:

Parm’s Liver Donation

Heidi’s Liver Donation Received

Thank You again to everyone for their continued Love, Prayers, and Support.



3 thoughts on “Surgery Photos have been Posted

  1. Heidi, now I can truly say I know you inside and out! The photos are amazing. I’m so glad that you and Chris have this behind you, though I suspect he will be reminding you about what a lovely liver he has for a long time to come, with photos to prove his point. Take care, my friend. I’m looking forward to a nice visit when you feel up to it. With love, Kathy

  2. Thanks for sharing your journey with us Parm. So glad that both you and your mom are on a quick road to recovery. The pictures were great. How did you manage to donate part of your liver, take pictures and stay on top of your blog??

  3. I am in awe of the whole flipping procedure and the pics you posted are amazing and telling. I wish you both continued healing and will call you both soon. Want to be sure that you are up to talking story when I call. SYLYB to both of you.

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