One Month Out

It has been a full month since the surgery, and it has been a few weeks since I have added any updates about our recovery, so I thought I would draft a quick post to inform everyone of how we are all doing.  Both Heidi and Chris have had numerous visitors stopping by with get well wishes, cards, food, and flowers.  There have been too many to list, so I will just say a “Thank You” to everyone who has stopped by.  Some benevolent Pixarites have been kind enough to set up a Dinner Delivery calendar through an online forum called Lotsa Helping Hands.  If you would like to schedule a Monday or Wednesday to drop off food and visit with us, please register for the site and select green day on the calendar.

About 2 weeks ago, Heidi and Chris had their 2nd follow-up at UCSF post-surgery, and everything is healing at a nominal rate.  I have been recovering well, Blood tests show that there is still some damage to the liver, which is totally normal, but the trend is that the liver is healing quickly.  I have also managed to pull apart the sutures at the top of my scar, which means there is a big hole in the center of my chest.  The good news is that it is healing from the inside out, and should be fully closed within the next 2-3 weeks.  I am finally off the intense pain medication and on regular tylenol as needed for pain, which is quite a relief.  I can still feel some slight pains in my liver region but I have a feeling that the sensations will go away within the next few weeks.

Heidi had her JP Drain removed, as well as 62 staples.  Heidi said that the 62 staples were not nearly painful/uncomfortable as the JP tube, as it was so deep inside that it felt very uncomfortable as it was being pulled out. The picture below shows the tube and staples before removal.  After a few days, the drain and staples had healed, and things were back to normal.  Heidi has been recovering steadily, and she is looking fantastic.

Overall, we are all doing extremely well.  We have been taking walks when we have the energy.  We have been eating much healthier and more than before the surgery, and most importantly, everyone’s spirits are at their peaks.  As we progress, I will update everyone through the blog.

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