Heidi’s Surgery Pictures

Here are the pictures from my Mother’s Surgery.

1. Heidi is ready for the surgery to begin.

2. Going under the anesthesia.

3. And she is out.

4.  Look at all the equipment that will be required to work on Heidi?!

5. Open Abdomen, first showing a severely cirrhotic liver.

6.  From another Angle.  Very Cirrhotic Liver, still attached and “functioning.”

7.  A healthy donor Liver section.  Looks quite different does it not?

8. This portion of Parm’s liver will become Heidi’s full Liver very soon.

9. Cirrhotic Liver fully removed.  Notice how different it looks to the liver above.

10.  Another angle, same diseased liver.

11.  Different side of the same Diseased liver.

12.  One final angle of the diseased Liver.

This was all that we got from my mother’s surgery, but as you can see, the old liver needed to be removed, and she received a perfectly healthy, wonderfully large, clean, and functioning liver from Parm.

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3 thoughts on “Heidi’s Surgery Pictures

  1. Wow!!! Modern medicine is incredible. And I’m so glad both of you came through with minimal fallout. 🙂

  2. Thought and prayed for both of you while away in Europe. I am so very happy that your recoveries are progressing well. Hope to visit with you this week. (Couldn’t access the blog on my phone).

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